Thursday, January 7, 2010

How well does purple shampoo work at removing yellow and orange from hair?

Very well, TRUST me I've had my hair every color in the book.

One time it was so bad that BOZO had nothing on me.

I went into a local shop almost in tears and the lady there helped me out. She also sent me home with some of that purple stuff, (I wish I could remember the name)and it really did the job.

You might want to check with some of your local shops and find out which one works the best, but they do REALLY WORK.How well does purple shampoo work at removing yellow and orange from hair?
Not, very well I have used it myself.Didn't really make that much of a difference.You should probbaly invest in some swimmers shampoo it help with any brassiness. Put in 2 tbs. of developer in your shampoo to lift out brass from blonde colored hair.You could also try clarifying shampoo too.How well does purple shampoo work at removing yellow and orange from hair?
Purple shampoo huh.... I mean it aint die... so I assume it would clean the yellow or orange but that is pretty much it... I doubt if the color of the shampoo would change the outcome of your hair color... Shampoo is for clean up not cover up!
There is a product called Shimmer Lights that I buy at a beauty supply store. It does get some of the yellow/orange out but tends to add alot ash instead (gray) so if you use it only do so once or twice a week and it does build up. Used correctly and its great.
If your hair is orange it will not remove it. This is one stipulation that people have about haircolor. They think that when they put color on it removes the old color or just covers it up. It does not do breaks up the color you already have. And when you color over it with something semi or demi permanent you only coat the outter hair shaft. So...being that your foundation (color of hair) is too dark, it will not brighten that blonde. You are refering to the brassiness in your locks. A purple shampoo will only BRIGHTEN what you have. You know how old ladies have gray hair but kind of yellow because they smoke? That shampoo works miracles. Or on people with blonde hair that has gotten brassy. If your hair has yellow it will only brighten. Not lighten; there is a difference. You should go to a stylist and tell them you want those tones out of your hair and they will know exactly what to do. Try the shampoo first, but usually the stuff on the market to normal people is not strong enough. Hope this helps!
It really depends on how deep the yellow or orange is.....the purple does definately counter react the yellow though. I've used it and it works pretty dang good!! KMS makes a good one!
very well but dont use it too much you could look like one of those lil old ladies walking around with blue purple pink hair switch it up use a regular shampoo between washes with the purple

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