Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do birthcontrol pills in your shampoo make your hair grow faster?

No that's not true at all. Hair grows in cycles, there's nothing you can do to slow it down or speed it up.Do birthcontrol pills in your shampoo make your hair grow faster?
i would have to say no but cat pis willDo birthcontrol pills in your shampoo make your hair grow faster?
If it did, then bald men would be using it.
I don't think so. Try Onions. Rub an onion into your scalp at nights for a week, see what happens!

really, THAT earns an Oscar for the most stupid thing I've ever heard...
Where did you get that info. from?

Who had the audacity to tell you that?

Birthcontrol pills in shampoo do not make your hair grow at all, let alone faster!
I'm flummoxed!
no whoever told you that was an idiot
OMG No! Take a vitamin.
I have never heard of doing this...

No.. hair grows from within the body.. Eating and being health can contribute to healthier hair..

No seriously I am a hair dresser nothing is going to make your hair grow faster not even getting it cut once in a while will your hair is DEAD cells from your body has nothing to do what you put on it.
Neither taking birth control or applying it to the surface of your hair will make it grow fast. If you want you hair to grow, eat healthy, drink lots of water, take good care of it ( don't over process it) and maybe take a multi vitamin.
Yes and so does standing upside down while singing the ABCs. Go for it!
Absolutely, knock yourself out! How are you going to get the Dr to prescribe extra though?? Or maybe it was you Dr that suggested it.

Let us know how you get on!
WHAT?! who told you that. honey, very few products, if any at all, can make your hair grow faster.
Yes - and makes it blonder too.
... Wow... who told you that? I mean... seriously.
hi there here is a tip for you if u mix a little olive oil in your condioner it will help to grow your hair and also makes it shine
No, lol. Try prenatals, knox geletaine or b vitamins.
WTH? no but it keeps your foliciles from getting pregnant!

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